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Welcome to B'nai B'rith Australia/New Zealand

B'nai B'rith Australia / New Zealand - Vision Statement

B'nai B'rith Australia / New Zealand fulfils the international B'nai B'rith mission by contributing to Jewish continuity in Australia and New Zealand. This is specifically implemented through special local implementation of the B'nai B'rith watchwords of Benevolence, Fellowship and Harmony, so that tolerance and respect for differences continue as key features of the value systems of the communities in which Jewish people live. Read more About Bnai Brith


 In VIC  (03) 9576 1116  council@bbvic.org      Or    In NSW (02) 9361 6035   council@bbnsw.org.au



 JEWISH YOUTH MUSIC EISTEDDFOD see Jewish Youth Music Eisteddfod



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See Pauline Glass Yad Vashem STUDY GRANTS


Racial Vilification Protection B'nai B'rith Australia/New Zealand is one of over 150 the signatories of the Joint letter to the Attorney-General: Australia must retain strong and effective protections against racial vilification- see News



RAOUL WALLENBERG becomes AUSTRALIA’s first and only honorary citizen. For more information and photos, see : News  To commemorate this event an additional postmark was added to the Raoul Wallenberg Stamp Sheet. Further details can be found by clicking on Raoul Wallenberg Stamp Sheet



  Read recent news from B'nai B'rith International Center for Human Rights and Public Policy in

Global Presence. What has been happening in the week leading up to December 5th, 2013? Read about Chanukah celebrations, United Nations, Iran Uranium enrichment deal, and more ...

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