Courage to Care encourages individual acts of courage, social activism, action against apathy, a sense of empathy, a better understanding of history.

Chairman (NSW): Andrew Havas
Chairman (Victoria): Tony Weldon

Courage to Care is a major outreach program and travelling exhibition, designed to show people of all ages, all races and all persuasions that the individual can make a difference in a society which no longer cares, and that all of us has a personal responsibility to ourselves, our family and our community.

Courage to Care is focused on bringing the message of racial tolerance and understanding to regional and rural Australia. Since its inception in the late 90s, Courage to Care has visited 16 towns and cities in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia, and is in the process of planning to visit all states and territories and all major population centres by 2005/6.
The exhibition has been seen by around 135,000 people, including 46,000 school students. For NSW showings, transport costs for school groups to each exhibition venues are borne by Courage to Care, thus taking any financial strains off parents and schools, and enabling the less-advantaged students to experience our programmes.
Courage to Care directly confronts racism and intolerance in Australia, initially through celebrating those courageous individuals who put their lives on the line to save Jews during the Holocaust, bringing home the reality of the Holocaust and the crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Jewish people. Through "Living in Harmony" workshops, the education program extends this message to issues of contemporary relevance to all visitors, and promoting understanding and harmony among minority groups.
Of the thousands of people who have visited the Courage to Care exhibitions around the country, many have said that it was a life-changing experience. Courage to Care is staffed entirely by volunteers. There are three major phases in each exhibition:

GUIDES - volunteer guides show school groups and visitors around the exhibition, explaining the panels and showcases which define the courage of the rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust;
SURVIVORS - Holocaust survivors explain to groups their experiences during the Nazi Holocaust…how they survived, the strength and courage they needed, and the way in which a small number of ordinary people displayed the courage to care for them and for others;
EDUCATORS - Our team of professional educators and facilitators run workshops for school groups, relating the themes of the exhibition to contemporary issues such as bullying, stereotyping, and aboriginality, and ensuring that students take away with them the message that the individual can make a difference…in school, in the home and in society.
Courage to Care in NSW is supported by the Federal Government's "Living in Harmony" initiative through the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.   In Victoria it is supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.
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