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B'nai B'rith Intrepid Travellers

RABBIT is an initiative of B’nai B’rith AUS/NZ. It is a travel project, exclusively designed for the benefit of BB members, wherever they may be.

All BB members (possibly world-wide) are invited to be RABBIT hosts.  Get involved by providing your details and what you are prepared to offer. This will be confidentially collated in the RABBIT database.

When a BB member is going out of town or interstate or (maybe) overseas, he/she contacts the RABBIT organiser (the keeper of the central database) with details of destination, details about the person(s) making the request and expectations of the potential host. The organiser will then attempt to match the person(s) doing the requesting to a suitable host. Those two parties will then communicate to sort out the details of what will be offered.

The benefits to BB members are:

* BB members will get to know other members who they would normally not come across

* BB travelling members will have, potentially, free accommodation or meals at their destination

* BB members will be able to benefit from RABBIT, even if they have not volunteered to be Rabbit hosts