Thursday, 28 September 2023
Bernard J Lustig Scholarship Alumni Event

An event celebrating and bringing together the alumni of the B’nai B’rith Bernard J Lustig Memorial Scholarship has been a long time in the making – 67 years, in fact. When the new Chair of Trustees, Rebecca Forgasz took her position and reviewed the list of past recipients, she was, by her own words “blown away”.

Among the Lustig Scholarship alumni are scholars, educators, CEOs, philanthropists, strategists, human rights lawyers, award-winning authors, literary critics and other accomplished professionals and, notably, several of Melbourne’s respected Jewish community leaders spanning the last 60 years. “It is a genuine honour to be in such esteemed company, and to have stewardship of a scholarship fund that has supported so many of our community’s best and brightest.” Forgasz expressed in her opening address.

The event was held to not only formally make a presentation to this year’s winners but to introduce them to their fellow alumni.

Three past recipients of the Scholarship formed a panel, facilitated by Forgasz, sharing their experiences upon receipt of the scholarship as well as their journey since. The intergenerational panel consisted of Philip Zajac (1978), Dr Simone Sandler (2016) and Gary Samowitz (2010) whose experiences were vastly different, but who have all continued their journeys – in leadership, learning and community. Each of their stories proved inspirational, not only to the younger alumni, but all present.

“We were particularly honoured to have many members of the Lustig family present, along with my fellow Trustees to meet and engage with current and past recipients” noted Forgasz after the event.

This is the first of what the Trustees hope will be many alumni events, providing opportunities for the development of a network of the community’s leaders.

If you are a past recipient, please look out for further alumni engagement opportunities coming your way.

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