B’nai B’rith Innovations

B’nai B’rith has a history of creating solutions to community challenges, instigating programs that support those in need. Some of these programs have been short-lived as an immediate crisis dissipates, others have become fully fledged, independent organisations, like the Anti-Defamation Commission and Courage to Care, whilst others have been taken on and grown by Government or philanthropic agencies.

Over its history in Australia and New Zealand, B’nai B’rith has taken an instrumental role in developing, supporting or sustaining more than 160 separate projects and programs that have improved people’s lives, changed education systems, enhanced community understanding and action in human rights and anti-discrimination and so much more.

B’nai B’rith’s goal of supporting Jewish community capacity building seeks to continue this legacy for instigating change and creative solutions to the community’s ever-evolving needs.

Members and non-members alike who have ideas that will enhance the community and strengthen Jewish life can bring those ideas to B’nai B’rith for exploration.

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