Alfred Dreyfus Unit

President: Ernie Friedlander

Administrator: Yona Cass

The members of Alfred Dreyfus Unit (ADU) are dedicated to confronting prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. They work towards breaking down barriers through outreach to the wider community, with programs promoting the acceptance of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity.

The cornerstone of ADU is Moving Forward Together – social initiative which brings together various community groups committed to creating a better understanding amongst all sectors of the community for a vision of living in harmony. It is based on the philosophy of a decent society and caters to all people regardless of colour, origin, culture or religion.

The Harmony Day poster and song writing competition is a major element of Moving Forward Together, which reaches out to primary and high school students. Through their artwork, students express their interpretation of values promoting understanding of religious and cultural differences, and their importance in a harmonious society.

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Other activities of the Unit include the Human Rights Address, and discussion evenings with keynote speakers addressing humanitarian issues. The Jewish Youth and Young Adults Changemaker Awards recognises the important contributions made to the Australian and Jewish communities by our dedicated young people who go above and beyond to make our world a better place.