Womanpower Unit

President: Nina Blair


In 2017, Womanpower NSW took the exciting step of joining B’nai B’rith NSW, becoming instituted as the first all-female unit in 60 years.

Womanpower NSW was always a group about women and leadership. It was founded over 30 years ago to teach and develop leadership skills in women and over time became the definitive initiative that launched women onto the governing bodies of our community.

While working successfully together on joint projects in recent years, Womanpower NSW found itself becoming increasingly connected to B’nai B’rith – discovering that their missions, values and ideals resonated very closely. Womanpower NSW started to view membership of B’nai B’rith as a natural progression and the path to a bright new future. The right home was found.

Today our B’nai B’rith Womanpower Unit proudly stands within the family of B’nai B’rith NSW to connect women through friendship, learning and support. We are interested in modern issues affecting women.