Courage to Care

Encouraging school students across the country to be an “upstander”, not a “bystander” in the face of racism and prejudice.

Courage to Care NSW encourages school students across the country to be an “upstander”, not a “bystander” in the face of racism and prejudice. Using stories and testimony from survivors of the Holocaust, we demonstrate the importance of standing up to oppression.

This community outreach initiative is not just a “history lesson” about the Holocaust. Courage to Care NSW aims to inform Australians about the real dangers of prejudice and discrimination, and provides a deeper understanding of the roles of victim, perpetrator and bystander.

Born from the stories of heroism and courage displayed by non-Jews who saved or helped Jews during the Holocaust, Courage to Care combats discrimination in all its forms by inspiring and empowering each individual to become an upstander and to take positive action.

The program celebrates people who had the courage to care – ordinary people, whose acts were extraordinary in their bravery and impact. It tells the story of individuals who stood up and confronted discrimination and injustice, often risking their own lives and sometimes those of their loved ones, to save others.

Their stories are an enduring example of the power of the individual to make a difference, and a poignant reminder that it is our own choices that determine if we remain bystanders, or become upstanders who take positive action in our everyday lives.

A unique feature of all Courage to Care programs is a session with a ‘living historian’ – a survivor from the Holocaust, who shares his or her positive story of their rescue and survival, explaining the support he or she was given by others.

Run by a team of close to 100 passionate volunteers, Courage to Care NSW conducts a popular incursion program in secondary schools across NSW, Queensland and ACT. We also run an annual exhibition with an integrated education program, travelling to locations all over NSW.

Find out more at couragetocare.com.au.